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Brenton Williams

Friday 26 September 10:00pm

Brenton has travelled and performed around Australia playing in Clubs, Pubs and Restaurants. Regularly playing Newcastle where he is based. He also travels the Hunter Valley , Western Districts and North Coast . As a solo guitarist his focus is on an Acoustic Sound, with the flexibility to use digital back and full production with the electric guitar.

Covering a comprehensive repertoire of over 100 songs from the last five decades, his emphasis is on Australian content, classic rock and current hits.

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Mike Vee

Saturday 27 September 10:00pm

Separator Bar The Goodies

Conveniently located in the heart of Tamworth’s CBD, The Good Companions Hotel sets the benchmark of quality and distinction for patrons in the local area after a full refurbishment in 2007.
With 3 bars, café, upstairs restaurant and excellent function facilities, The Good Companions is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day. From dinner with friends to cocktails with colleagues, The Good Companions can comfortable cater to all guests under the one roof.

Offering a great line up of free live entertainment every Friday & Saturday night, The Good Companions is "the place to be".








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